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Selling Services Policy - Reach Customers locally

1. Sell your services in a local sustainable manner

Selling Services on ACE allows top Pros, in diverse industries like remote marketers, cyber security professionals, electricians, Sales professionals, assemblers, startups, craftspeople, house cleaners, creators, handymen, musicians, event managers, electricians and more, to sell professional services directly to your customers in your local area. With the selling of services on Ace social app, you can see every new job in your area and only choose the ones that fit your schedule. It's a great way to keep your business, institution or organisation ahead and busy and to fill in the open gaps throughout your week and level up. 

2. What are the requirements?

- Licensing for Trade Professions in Ireland: If you select a trade profession (Electrician, Plumber, HVAC Specialist, General Contractor), you will be required to provide appropriate license/certification information required by applicable laws or regulations based in Ireland.
- Insurance: Services providers are required to carry Liability insurance in conjunction with Irish Law and the operation of your business. You will be required to provide your insurance information upon registration.
-Technician background checks: Every provider that sells services on Ace is required to maintain a list of technicians that will travel to customer locations to work on Ace jobs.
- Employed technicians: You should have a minimum of 20 direct employees in your registered service business.
- Professions: We are looking for Creative workers, Marketers, Writers, Events Specialists, Musicians, Electrical Specialists, Bio technologists, Information and cyber security specialists and Smart Home Automation Specialists, environmentalists and more. Click here to Sign Up.

Our Aim - As a service provider Ace service marketplace is a great opportunity to expand our professional capabilities and to partner with organisations, businesses and institutions to take your customer experience to a new level. We appreciate the professional assistance and patience during the on-boarding and global strategy process and we expect to develop a strong relationship and mutual trust as we build our business' together in unity, trust and collaboration in future months and years to bring you transformational expansionary economic development. 

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