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Our Core Values

Our core values are as follows:


1. Social Awareness, Respect and Unity 

We at ace prefer to be excited and look at the bright side of creative economic solutions over a slow economic depression, a climate, homeless and medical crisis. We must also respect each others difficulties and have a greater awareness and respect for each other and work in collaboration to save the planet. 


2. Liberty, Freedom & Equality 

On the philosophy of fairness, equality and doing the right thing for the people of Cork, Ireland and international countries in peace, unity, understanding and fairness. To share information through local technology, in a more efficient and effective manner which ultimately reduces our aggregate energy and increases it's efficiency. By allocating resources and professional expertise that will ultimately better serve the people of Ireland and the planet. 

3. Creativity 

Creativity is at the heart of what we do. By letting our minds wonder and being present in awe in the moment, we aim to provide a creative culture that will embrace emotion, creativity and art. We will ensure we provide creative solutions in line with social capital that ensures we enable a creative and vibrant country that feels safe and free from fear. To encourage a culture of peace, love, unity, dignity, heritage and art.

4. Respect & Dignity 

We treat all individuals with equality, dignity, value their contributions, respect their differences, and help each other to succeed. By sharing wealth and educational information, we can empower an organisation to work in peace, conscious energy, respect, and gratitude.

5. Integrity 

We are committed to unwavering ethical behaviour and trustworthy interactions with our customers, stakeholders and employees.

6. Innovation 

To enable economic prosperity, collaboration and partnerships, we will ensure we support an inclusive population with new opportunities and support, thus driving economic development and creating innovative sustainable solutions.

7. Freedom of choice: We will enable opportunity and autonomy to our users, partners, and network to encourage freedom of choice.

8. Transparency 

We will embody honesty and open communication because to be transparent someone must be willing to share information when it is uncomfortable to do so. Transparency is an individual being honest and true with themselves about the actions they are taking.

9. Diversity & Inclusion 

We will offer employment opportunities and career advancement to all individuals through staffing solutions and connecting industry with our community and offering online courses to our members for personal development. We offer solutions for those who might have a disability, to those who are different. We will engage and mentor local diverse suppliers to support the communities that we serve.

10. Community 

We promote social responsibility and we will also invest in our communities where we work and encourage our partners and employees to volunteer. For now, 15% of all our profits will go to sustainability innovations, humanitarian causes and worthwhile charities in Ireland. Following international expansion, we will increase this number to support international causes. Our aim is to help the people, by effectively improving their organisational awareness, increase their aggregate efficiency, create effective solutions, invest in worthwhile causes and to also invest in sustainable innovations that will benefit our climate crisis. 

11. Commitment & Dedication

We will develop and maintain long-term relationships with clients, employees, and other stakeholders and bring each stakeholder new opportunities. Whether it is an increase in sales, job creation or collaboration, we are dedicated to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication and creative connection across all industries which drives efficient collaboration.

12. Excellence and professionalism 

We respect and praise hard work and dedication that brings out better solutions. We also emphasize on professional development in an inclusive manner where our program helps everyone, our remote sellers, product sellers, partners, employees and everyone in the community. We aim to create a good ethical brand image by offering excellent services that helps the people. 

13. Culture of productivity, resourcefulness and efficiency 

We create a working system that promotes and encourages efficiency and effectiveness for our stakeholders through increasing local awareness, collaborating with new ideas and more efficient and effective procedures and sustainable systems. We will treat our staff with equality, dignity and honor and encourage well being and respect.

14. Customer Service & Customer Experience 

Our passion in knowing and understanding our customers will be responding to their needs, with the objective of ensuring total customer satisfaction and loyalty because we believe that our customers and stakeholders success is our objective and the reason for being. We appreciate patience during our startup on boarding stage. 

15. Sustainability 

We enable our own programme with the  common purpose of respecting the environment. We improve local economic development by connecting communities through creative local technology connection and cross industry collaboration in unity and in partnership to solve sustainable and humanitarian community problems. 

16. Data Privacy & Security 

Our managed security service can help predict an agile cyber security posture. This can help the business save money and drive operational excellence to a new level. By supporting the business security, we will be creating a driving force for innovation and growth. Our security will be fully managed by a team of national experts, military grade monitoring, detection, vulnerability intelligence, event correlation incident response forensics and a continuous and innovative approach to new learning and protecting our customers rights.


17. Climate Change Consciousness We bring local creative communities together to solve problems, with the common purpose of supporting their own local community through prosperous growth opportunities and saving the planet. We also will support our community by enabling a programme where we can certify sustainable organisations with rewards for lowering their carbon emissions in order to reach EU standards and promote the benefits on ethical standards. 

18. Leadership & Performance 

We will create value for all our stakeholders. By proactively seeking and implementing new opportunities that will drive and sustain higher levels of organisational performance and growth, cost effectiveness and efficient delivery of services and products  through local delivery solutions and collaboration. This alleviates the problem of global delivery and promotes local economical development in line with digital transformation change and the change of economic regimes and sustainable solutions. Through virtualization networking opportunities, we will implement organisational agility which will see great advantages for many e.g enabling remote personalised patient care and housing the homeless through creative connection. Our creative solutions will be key in helping people to live a safe and better connected life.

19. Accountability/Empowerment 

Accepting responsibility, we are aware of the risk in implementing an organisation of this scale. We will take full accountability for all our actions, whether decisions or behaviours in the delivery of services or products including management of resources. To enable our network to maximise the value that technology can bring to thy self, organisation, business or charity we will empower people to make a positive difference and add value to their lives.

20. Peace Of Mind 

We offer the peace of mind and assurance in our partnerships, services, and products which we will ensure we deliver to provide to the highest standards of our capabilities.

21. Well-being 

To ensure users can live a life in peace, conscious energy, respect, and gratitude. To live in harmony and to ensure we enable efficient and effective local solutions is the way we level up and improve every aspect of our lives including our well-being and the economy.


22.​ Collaboration 

By working together, in unity, partnership and collaboration, we can look out for everyone in an inclusive equal manner. We will support enterprise development in every region, which will support and aid projects that stimulate jobs creation and local connection. It is about developing industry clusters, supporting cross-industry collaboration and strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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