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Triple Treat by Zuperzozial are great for serving condiments. Choose from nuts, fruits and even dips for nachos to enjoy movie night or a gathering for dinner.

It comes equipped with a tray to avoid mess on surfaces plus the serving bowls are separate therefore it's easy to share and easy. Zuperzozial's bamboo and corn tableware collection is ethically produced with respectable life expectancy and degrade safely.


  • Zuperzozial Triple Treat Serving Bowls Set of 3
  • Materials: Bamboo and corn
  • Dimensions:L 27.5 X W 9.5 X H 5.5cm, bowls: 200ml
  • Colour: L 27.5 X W 9.5 X H 5.5cm
  • Special notes: Food approved by both EU & US regulators. Environmentally safe and for long term use. Dishwasher safe

Serving Bowls | Set of 3 Biodegradable and Sustainable Bowls