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Electric Heat Pad


  • Retro design bringing the hot water bottle bang up to date

  • 3 consistent and controllable temperature settings

  • No need for boiling water - just plug-in and warm

This Beurer heat pad is the new-age hot water bottle. With no uncomfortable rubber in sight, this electric heat pad is made from extra-soft micro fibres and delivers nothing less than consistent and controllable heat, whether to beat the chill or ease aches and pains.


It's safer to use than a traditional hot water bottle and much larger, measuring 50cm x 30cm. With 3 temperature settings, the Beurer heat pad will never be too hot or too cold and there's no risk of burning hot spots. After 90-minutes use, the heat pad will automatically switch-off so no forgetting to switch it off when you get so comfortable you fall asleep.


Electric Heat Pad - Retro Design with 3 Temperature Settings