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✔ May ease symptoms of cystitis & other urinary tract infections (UTIs)

✔ May be used to help prevent urinary tract infections

✔ 1000mg tablets



D-Mannose is a simple sugar molecule found naturally in fruits such as cranberries. The sugar can be used to help flush out the bacteria responsible for up to 90% of urinary tract infections.

Bacteria is naturally present in the digestive system but if it finds its way into the urinary tract it can multiply and adhere to the bladder wall, causing classic symptoms of urinary tract infection with associated pain and discomfort. When d-mannose is present the bacteria will often bind to this in preference to the bladder wall and they can then be flushed out during urination. D-mannose can be consumed at relatively high levels as a food supplement to actively remove bacteria during an infection or at a lower dosage on a continual basis to act as a preventative treatment.



✔ 1000mg tablets
✔ Available in 30s, 60s & 1000s
✔ Easy to take
✔ Suitable for vegetarians and vegans