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Gently pat one of these magnetic patches on your skin over the area thats painful.

Immediately a combination of electromagnetism and therapeutic ingredients get to work.

Providing drug-free relief, they combat muscle and joint pain - from the neck to the ankles - as well as easing headaches and menstrual pains.

Each patch contains a wafer-thin copper disc that targets acupressure points with magnetism to aid circulation. The copper is also absorbed into the skin (youll notice the Cu symbol fading as this happens).

Meanwhile, anti-infl ammatory compounds of glucosamine and zinc help reduce joint friction, with turmeric providing antioxidant properties.

Three essential vitamins A, C and E further enhance the effi cacy of this powerful aid to pain-reduction and comfortable movement.

Supplied in a sheet of 30 (enough for one month), the self-adhesive patches measure 32x32mm.

Relieve Joint Pain and Discomfort with Positive Health Magnetic Field JointPatch

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