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The GODOX TX3-XLR is an XLR Microphone Transmitter, that enables you to convert your XLR wired microphone into a Wireless Digital Microphone, designed for use with the GODOX Wmic S1 Pro wireless system. Utilising the UHF waveband, and its all-metal construction makes it robust and reliable, built to withstand the rigours of professional usage. The TX3-XLR is perfect for people who use XLR Shotgun Microphones in their work.


The TX3-XLR features a standard locking XLR connection, enabling it to be used with a wide range of Microphones. Its All-Metal construction makes it suitable to withstand the rigours of professional usage,

Reliable UHF Transmission

The TX3-XLR is great for recording over long distances. Utilising the UHF waveband, it produces a stable and reliable signal, with a transmission range of up to 60m when used in an open obstacle-free environment. Its 96 Selectable channels help you avoid RF interference from other devices in the area.

Adjustable Transmission Power

The TX3-XLR Transmitter features adjustable transmission power levels. High for a stronger signal and transmissions over longer distances or in environments with a lot of RF interference, and Low to save power enabling you to work for longer.

Live Monitoring

The TX3-XLR allows for Real-Time audio monitoring with headphones whilst recording. It enables you to adjust the volume via the WMic S1 Receiver (available separately).

The GODOX TX3-XLR is an XLR-Based Microphone Transmitter, that enables you to convert a traditional wired XLR microphone into a wireless mic designed to work with the GODOX Wmic S1 Perfect for owners of the WMicS1 system, that want to expand its capabilities. Especially good for interviews, filmmaking, documentaries, etc. where the use of lavalier mics is not practical.

Professional XLR Transmitter for Wireless Microphone System - TX3-XLR

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