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At Gadget Man Ireland we have a wide range of Portable speakers in store and online. The PARTY-8LED, Portable Sound System, Party Light & Sound is a great speaker for bringing on the go with its telescopic trolley to pull the speaker along to any where you will be going. Stand-alone, battery powered sound system featuring built-in LED light effects on the loudspeakers.

Ideal in all situations that require a fully featured, ready-to-use sound system (musicians on the road, karaoke, bars, fitness courses, teaching, speech, coaches, etc…).



  • Telescopic trolley to transport it
  • Micro cable
  • USB-Bluetooth-micro SD readers
  • FM Radio
  • MP3 auxiliary input
  • Microphone or guitar input with separate settings
  • Rechargeable lithium battery 4.4Ah
  • Weight 5kg

PARTY-8LED, Portable Sound System, Party Light & Sound

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