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  • Light and handy metal band saw Perfect for the universal use on building sites, for assembly, for car services, in the shop, in the hobby room, and in agriculture
  • Ball-bearing mounted 3 points saw band guiding providing outstanding
  • Quick-action vice for rapid workpiece clamping
  • Sawing arc slew able from 0° to 45° thus allowing angular saw cuts
  • Scale good read for angle adjustment
  • Microswitch for automatic limit stop
  • Automatic lowering of the saw bow via three-stage adjustable saw bow lowering pressure
  • With high-grade bimetallic saw band supplied as standard
  • Large, ergonomic handle and little weight allowing easy transportation to the construction site
  • Adjustable material stop for series productions
  • Fully equipped machine, the user can immediately start to work productively
  • Transportation lock

Automatic limit stop

  • Switching off the saw band drive at the bottom limit of travel

Saw band guiding

  • Ball-bearing; for outstanding belt run and thus optimum cutting results