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This fire pit is ideal for providing warmth and lithe light and creating a captivating and cozy atmosphere. This aesthetically pleasing metal brazier serves perfectly for heating, barbecuing, and cooling drinks and food in your patio, garden, and yard.

What's Included?

  • Fire Poker
  • Spark Screen
  • Cover


  • Durable construction: this fire pit is constructed of a heavy iron frame, more durable and rust-resistant. It features with mesh lid to prevent burning embers from blowing and comes with a poker to stoke the fire and remove the mesh lid safely. There is also a great, which can promote air circulation and promote combustion.
  • Round table and widened edge: the round frame is finished in a bronzed aged look with an attractive design, and three solid square legs to maintain stability. The 12.5 cm wide edge around the fire bowl provides ample space for holding plates, sauces, brushes, and other barbecue supplies, allowing convenient access during cooking.

Larimar Stainless Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit - Outdoor Elegance