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KEF T205 System

5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System

If you prefer more frontal ‘slam’ for movie special effects and a system that generally plays louder, the T205 system substitutes a pair of the larger T301 speakers for the front satellite and centre channel speakers. For drama as well as music, even in larger loft-like spaces, it has the power to keep everyone in the room on the edge of their seat.
The Package includes 2 x T101, 2 x T301, 1 x T301c and 1 x T-2 subwoofer.

Mounted vertically as satellites (whether wall-mounted, on the desk stands supplied or the optional floor stands) or horizontally as a centre channel above or below the TV, the standard T Series speaker features KEF’s new 115mm (4.5in.) ultra-low profile bass and midrange driver paired with the high performance new 25mm (1in.) vented tweeter.

T301 & T301c:
In these large models, the same high performance tweeter found in the T101 speakers is paired with two 115mm (4.5in) ultra-low profile bass and midrange drivers for an even bigger sound.

T-2 Subwoofer:
A slimline closed box design, the assertive T-2 subwoofer completes the 3D sound image by adding definition and weight to the LF response. Easy to conceal and operating in the same phase as the speakers for perfect integration, it delivers fast, uniformly dispersed and devastatingly accurate bass.

KEF T205 System 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System

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