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Dogs are our loyal, four-legged friends. We have an obligation to ensure that they are happy and fulfilled on both mental and physical levels, as well as sufficiently challenged and stimulated.

The technique ‘Dog Relax’ was developed to ensure that both owner and dog are relaxed, through a combination of breathing and movement exercises for the owner, and stretching, movement and special massage for the dog. This lovely book holds the secret to a different approach to living and working with your dog.


  • Explains the Dog Relax concept and what it does for you and your dog
  • Showing stress the red card
  • Dog language
  • Dog Zen
  • Wellness massage for your dog
  • Dog yoga
  • Practical exercises
  • Massage when you’re out and about
  • Simple, natural relaxation


Many dogs these days are showing serious symptoms of stress, sometimes as a result of their owner’s tension and stress being transmitted to them. For a harmonious relationship between owner and dog, it is vital that both are relaxed, as it is only then that communication, understanding and training will be effective.

We can always attend relaxation classes, and let go of our worries and tension. But what is available for our canine companion? Virtually nothing that will help him or her find peace and relaxation; on the contrary, it is taken for granted that dogs will support us through the trials and tribulations of our lives.

This delightful book simply and compassionately shows owners how to recognise problems when dealing with their dog, and how human behaviour and expressions are perceived by their canine friend. There are easy-to-learn stress-prevention exercises, and special relaxation massages – for owner and dog – which can calm and relax both.

With the help of this book, begin building a better, more understanding relationship with your best friend today!