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A super-fast car with a BAD attitude!

The Blue Mean1e is a tarmac-terrorising Boy Racer who learns that it takes a lot more than attitude to be the King when he finds himself competing at the drag strip. Can he take on the fastest racers at the track, or will he cheat his way to the top? A bedtime story for petrolhead kids, beautifully illustrated by Colin Hardy.

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  • A fun car-themed bedtime book for younger readers
  • A story of friendship, sportsmanship and forgiveness
  • Story by Street Machine journalist Dave Smith
  • Original, beautiful illustrations by Colin Hardy
  • Enjoy spotting the details in the superb cartoons
  • A fun but cautionary tale, considering road safety and the rules of the road
  • Perfect for junior petrolheads!
  • Contains a glossary of racing terminology for beginners


Every junior petrolhead really needs a bedtime book that will switch them on to the joys of motor racing in a safe manner, and this is that book!

Blue Mean1e is the perfect book for the younger budding racers and car lovers, with a moral message. The story is a tale of friendship, sportsmanship, and forgiveness, teaching children that real racers keep it off the streets and on the track.

With twenty-five charming, amusing and beautifully detailed cartoons from the extraordinarily talented Colin Hardy, this is a colourful, fun and engaging way to teach your kids about racing, as well as help instil a sense of fair play.

Blue Mean1e - King of the Streets

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